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A guide to following the right people on Twitter, a Robot Chicken DC funeral and which SF director is addicted to Skyrim? Find out in this week’s tweets

Twitter can be a great place to laugh, learn and while away the minutes/hours… but only if you’re following the right people. It’s a careful balancing act as well. Follow too many people and you’ll never be able to keep up with the noise. Too few and Twitter will feel like an empty house party. Over the past few months Tweets Of The Week has hopefully given you an idea of the kind of sci-fi celebs you should be following – but here are the ones to avoid:

1. Those retweeting every fan’s request, no matter how small. “RT because my cat just killed a mouse?” Sigh.

2. Those who tweet once every three years (*cough* @ AnthonySHead *cough*).

3. Those who fill your feed with Q&A for hours on end. This one comes with a caveat, because we rather enjoy @ stevendeknight ’s lengthy and witty Q&A sessions, but @ glenmazzara , though refreshingly open to answering almost any question he’s asked, tweets more than the Justin Bieber bot and isn’t averse to spilling Walking Dead spoilers if you’re not watching at UK pace. Boo!

4. Those who have a twitter writing team (work them out for yourself).

5. Those who self promote incessantly, so definitely not these guys .

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ SethGreen First day of shooting Robot Chicken DC comics special- you'll never guess who's in the hearse... #RCDC

And by the way, this... #RCDC

@ HamillHimself Couldn't go toLondon, but heard I won a BAFTA award for my Joker!ThanksBritishAcademy, I'm honored! Maybe the trick is not showing up.

@ StephenMerchant Portal 2 won Best Game at BAFTA video game awards. I was nominated as Best Performer but lost to Mark Hamill. Fucking Jedis

@ rainnwilson I don't care what they say, John Carter of Mars was really friggin cool. I highly recommend it. Walter loved it too. #JohnCarter

Bryan Lee O Malley

@ radiomaru I'm only going to say this once but the redone graphics in monkey island 2 on XBLA are an affront to my very humanity

@ DamonLindelof Although I have no shame in being a complete sellout with no artistic integrity, trailers for trailers are bullshit.

Lots! RT @PeteMallon How much of Jon Spaihts' original draft was included in the finished film?

@ neveldinetaylor Obama reportedly told @IdrisElba : "I liked you in 'The Wire', but Michelle and I love you in #Luther " guess he didn't see GRSOV?

@ ManMadeMoon Know it's not fair teasing, but tough-titties... If I get to make the film Im writing, you're going to need a big-ass bucket of popcorn. ;)

@ stephenfry Ian McKellen and I v pleased that The Hobbit pub appears to be safe. Between his FB and my tweet I hope we helped common sense prevail.

@ rcjohnso FUN FACT! Skyrim is becoming a real problem in my life and nobody is taking my cries for help seriously. FUN FACT!

I've decided not to watch the new Prometheus trailer. For a trailer junkie like myself, this is like deciding not to do heroin this month.

@ CarltonCuse #HungerGames is engaging, smart, well cast and completely enjoyable.

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@ SamWitwer #ForceUnleashed3 questions; it's not currently in production. If you want it sooner rather than later, make noise. 1 and 2 sold very well.

@ allisonscag I definitely just Claudia'd @saulrubinek over the phone. Somebody needed to know how to convert .avi to .mov... #pieceofcake

It has been brought to my attention that I look dead-up like the chick in Mass Effect 3. I'm good with it; that uniform is fantastic.

@ sutterink my offer to @glenmazzara . make me a zombie in season 3 and i'll make you a dead biker in season 5.

@ paul_mcguigan I was planning to go down to the STAR TREK set today to see Benedict do a big fight sequence but I don't think I'll have the time...arggh

@ BRIANMBENDIS Want to smell like what you think Gerard butler smelled like in 300? Someone thinks you do

@ ZacharyLevi Eesh! You're playing with Pandora's Box there kid. Careful. ;) RT @CoreyHorn : @ZacharyLevi because Chuck was always logical ;)

@ BaruchelNDG Very psyched to finally get to see how badly I ruined @SammyHuntington and @MeaghanRath 's tv show "Being Human" tonight. Let's all find out

@ StephenMangan Sounds like #DouglasAdams60th was a great night and there were a lot of people there who know where their towels are.

@ TheRealNimoy Had dinner with Mr. Quinto last night. Always a great pleasure. LLAP Young Spock.

@ Y_Strahovski So how's the Mass Effect 3 coming along then? ;)

@ TheWookieeRoars This wins.

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