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Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s new movie revealed (sort of), two Whedonverse reunions and did you spot the Buffy line in the latest Torchwood ? All in this week’s tweets

Twitter is a fertile ground for breeding new ideas, so it was only a matter of time before THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME was conceived in the 140 character stream of consciousness. It all started when Edgar Wright (always good value for anyone not following the Scott Pilgrim director yet) tweeted former WWE superstar Dwayne Johnson aka @ TheRock about joining his “club”...

@ edgarwright Dear @TheRock , I would like to join Team Bring it. Is there an entry fee? A minimum height? Should I bring my gym kit? Sincerely, Edgar.

@ TheRock Dear @edgarwright - No entry fee, height or age requirement. Just puttin our boots to asses daily. Welcome to Team Bring It brother.

If that wasn’t awesome enough, things took a turn for the, er, awesomer when one member of joe public had a flash of inspiration.

@ lewiswaltoncent @edgarwright please make an awesomely geeky action hero movie starring @TheRock with @simonpegg as his evil nemesis - that's a wet dream!

@ edgarwright @lewiswaltoncent @TheRock @simonpegg I concur with this idea.

I say the movie also stars @NickJFrost . But even with all three onboard; top billing still goes to The People's Elbow.

@ simonpegg I'm in @edgarwright but only if I can smell what @therock is cooking. Otherwise it's deeply unfair.

Actually if @TheRock can smell what @nickjfrost is cooking, the film will be more like My Dinner with Andre. Nick's exceptional at cookery.

@ TheRock @simonpegg @edgarwright - I do indeed smell what @nickfrost is cooking."The Frost" as I call him when we're drunk. I smell a big hit boys.

@ edgarwright @TheRock @simonpegg @nickjfrost 'The Rock %26 The Frost' sounds like a stone age caveman buddy flick. Get a red Sharpie out and DATE IT.

@ simonpegg Let it be known that the baddest movie of all time was birthed on Twitter and shall star @TheRock @nickfrost and me (dir. @edgarwright ) :-D

The Avengers better watch their back.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ DamonLindelof To every entertainment journalist preparing to run some version of "Cowboys Get Smurfed!"... I beg of you, please -- Don't.

@ NathanFillion When my brother and I watch #GameOfThrones together, we make up lyrics. And background vocals.

@ ManMadeMoon At Attack the Block screening. Crowd of Americans brought me as a translator, just in case.

Attack the Block made me homesick. I used to have a job chasing down and beating up on extra terrestrials.

@ JaneEspenson "end of the worldy" -- more of a Buffy line than Torchwood. Couldn't help myself. x

@ Scott_Krinsky All done with with my first day of season 5 #Chuck . The Buy More is in good shape. Though not necessarily the employees:)

@ JoshuaEGomez First day of season 5. So far so good. @Y_Strahovski


@ EmilyroseLA Of corse!!RT @Slimz09 : @EmilyroseLA Would u consid. audish. for Elena in Uncharted movie? U ARE Elena! Can't really see anyone else in it!

@ RhettReese Franchise I'd most like to get a crack at writing someday: The Matrix. x

@ edgarwright Knock knock. Who's there? Doctor...

@ emmacaulfield one of the best guys ever. Happy to have him on my side of the pond again. x

@ JamesGunn So @RainnWilson have an ongoing debate about who is the bigger geek - me, a comic book geek to the core, or him, a science fiction geek.

@ rainnwilson Holy shit! "Dance of Dragons" is here! The Song of Ice and Fire continues. And. It. Is. Glorious! #GeorgeRRMartin

@ trutriciahelfer All these renos are making me not able to start #DanceWithDragons Grrrr.


@ REALLAURENSOCHA Nathan has left misfits because he wanted to, he will be missed and he is doing amazing projects, fair play 2 him we all love him :D x

@ kevwilliamson I can't think about any endgame. It's too sad to think of it ending. Let's enjoy the journey. It's the best part.

@ MonasticProds Okay. I'm up dammit! I'm at the Machine. So, page 1 of my new DW script - "Let's Fuck Rembrandt".

@ iansomerhalder I met Jon Favreau-that was damn cool.Hung with LOST geniuses Damon Lindeloff,Bryan Burk and Carlton Cuse and they didn't' kill me!

Damon's ring somehow came home with me... Night peeps

@ jwrinzler Back at SR archives. Went through SBs found 2008; found SBs for deleted seq. on Jabba's barge and Endor battle.

@ theaarondouglas YES!!!!!!!

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