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A celebration of Jane Espenson, Reece Shearsmith’s forecast for Psychoville series three and how digital effects shots are like prunes in this weeks tweets

There are few writers in sci-fi TV that garner as much (deserved) love as Jane Espenson. For those who don’t know Espenson (along with other key figures like Marti Noxon, Tim Minear, David Fury and David Greenwalt) is second only to Joss Whedon among those responsible for making Buffy , Angel and Firefly three of the best shows of their generation.

Espenson gets around (in a good way), having put pen to paper for Battlestar Galactica , Caprica , Dollhouse , Eureka , Deep Space Nine , Torchwood: Miracle Day (her episode airs next Thursday and she also wrote the Web Of Lies webseries/app) and co-creating Warehouse 13 . Her writing sprints have become a Twitter phenomenon (well, we like to think they have) and she’s bloomin’ lovely to boot, so it’s no surprise Twitter went to town to celebrate her birthday with a series of little known facts about Jane Espenson:

@ CancelledAgain @JaneEspenson wrote two of my shows faster than FOX could cancel them. #JaneBday x

@ sasharoiz Little known fact about @JaneEspenson , all of Sam Adama's tattoos were based on her own. #JaneBDay

@ jedwhedon I started to write this tweet, but @JaneEspenson finished a draft of it before I finished. And it was a little bit funnier. #JaneBday

@ NathanFillion Once, @JaneEspenson wrote a script that beat up Chuck Norris. Happy Birthday! #JaneBday x

As if we couldn’t love her enough, later in the day Espenson live tweeted the first episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day for UK viewers, even though she was in the writing room for Once Upon A Time for the duration. Long live Jane Espenson!


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ simonpegg Every so often the masochist in me works out how much older I am than Homer Simpson. It currently stands at 4 years.

@ BrandonJRouth #Carmageddon The video game was better than the closing of the 405 freeway in LA. Where are the zombies?! Anyone remember the game?

@ RealReeceShears People asking about a 3rd series of "Psychoville".We don't know,but put it this way,if it were a weather report,the outlook would be gloomy.

Tubbs and Edward return for one night only - me and @jackedwards77 in the interval of "Betty Blue Eyes" tonight:

@ JewelStaite Holy Twitter reply blow-up, Batman! Secret's out. I'm shooting Supernatural.

Hair and makeup ready on Supernatural... About to go and _____ some ____ with _____. (I'm a jerk.)

Wrapped, headed to TO! Jensen Ackles simply rocks as a director. And I'm not just saying that cuz he's hot. (What am I saying?? Need sleep)

@ PhilTippett Adding frames to a shot is like eating prunes. Is one more too many? You won't know till you've made the mistake, then it's perfectly clear.

@ EddieMcClintock Fellow twitterites @MsJaimeMurray %26 @AaronRAshmore , crowd in 4A pic w/ the lovely Joanne Kelly, Sasha Roiz and me!

@ diablocody Re: EVIL DEAD. Fede Alvarez wrote a brilliant script. My job is easy. Have no fear. (Wait, do have fear.)

@ michaelsheen Final HARRY POTTER darkly beautiful and a stunning end to a great story. David Yates a really formidable talent. Brilliant and moving.

@ hitRECordJoe Who's going to see the #DKR teaser tonight? Er um I mean, the Harry Potter movie?


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