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Forget about transport troubles, the Olympics was the cause of another kind of gridlock this weekend – a digital gridlock as the entire interwebs took to Twitter to comment on just how weird Danny Boyle’s exemplary opening ceremony was and ask: “When’s The Doctor showing up?” Sadly he didn’t (except in sound effect form), which means the 2012 Olympics can’t be considered Canon anymore. We must be in the wrong reality…

In barely-related news the Olympics was the catalyst for this tweet by celebrated Batman scribe Paul Dini:

@ Paul_Dini Kinda hoped I'd be doing another Arkham game in London during the Olympics. Esp, as I had a good source for tx. Ah, well.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ leeunkrich Every cell in my body just screamed out in excruciating agony.,0,4353298.story

@ theaarondouglas We actually did shoot a season 5 of Battlestar Galactica but NBC Syfy have it tape delayed. Will air in 2033.

@ simonpegg World's End shenanigans first thing today. Pre-production gathers pace. Casting news soon. Principal photography is imminent. It's all nigh.

@ trpcic RT @rayhill : Any cosplayers or artists want a detailed look at the original Illyria costume? Here you go: (cc @trpcic )

@ RobertKirkman Fact: Speed Racer is a flawless movie. Don't argue with me. You can't dispute facts.

@ JamesGunn I hear Snap, Crackle, and Pop are going to be pretty significant characters on the next season of True Blood.

@ Syfy Q) @odannyboyDB Is there any truth to the rumor Farscape was going to come back in webisodes? A) We tried. Financing didn't work :(

@ SamuelLJackson I busted my ass pretty good in Unbreakable! @MisterRoberts

Read on for more Tweets Of The Week, including a first look behind the scenes of Defiance and Leonard Nimoy on the character that foreshadowed Spock...

@ juliebenz First table read for #Defiance @MsJaimeMurray @msmiakirshner @GrantBowler @tommyleeba @nicole__munoz

@ TheRealNimoy Looking forward to Johnny Depp's performance as Tonto in Lone Ranger movie.Tonto foreshadowed my performance as Spock. LLAP

John Noble or, as I call him, Noble John, I bestow on you the first annual Nimoy Award. LLAP

@ jumblejim Really sorry to learn Chad Everett died today. I loved working with him as "old Dean" on Supernatural. He was warm & funny & charming. RIP

@ jarpad From Jensen and me... Rest In Peace Chad Everett. Gone too soon. The family has lost another.

Bryan Lee O Malley

@ radiomaru I bet there's an alternate universe where JGL played Scott Pilgrim. I love alternate universes.

@ neveldinetaylor flame bat may not make logical sense but there is the more important logic of awesome

@ RealReeceShears Watching the new (not new) "A Nightmare on Elm Street". Keep nodding off. Inappropriate.

@ starwars And... Scene.

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