Tuning in to the real-life Jet Set Radio will instantly make your day 90% better (and 200% funkier)

You know what makes any day automatically better? JET SET RADIOOOOOOOOOO!!! Whether you're strapped up in your magnetically driven inline skates (opens in new tab) and tagging the city like it's your personal canvas, or you're just whiling away the hours at your desk job, you deserve to listen to the impossibly funky tunes of a real-life Jet Set Radio. This browser-based radio station just got a new coat of paint and a suite of improvements - and if you weren't aware this existed until now, it just might make your day. 

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Hosted by DJ Professor K (opens in new tab) - a Twitter account committed to roleplaying (opens in new tab) Tokyo-to's energetic pirate radio master of mayhem, and who also retweeted me this one time, thank you very much - JetSetRadio.live (opens in new tab) offers a 24/7 stream of all the amazing tunes you'll find in Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future. That includes the blippy beats and unforgettable samples expertly curated by composer Hideki Naganuma, plenty of J-rock, 2000s grunge, and even demonic-sounding anthems (opens in new tab) courtesy of Goji Rokkaku. Interspersed between the tracks are some DJ Professor K lines taken straight from the games, as well as short, soulful bumps to let you recalibrate before the next amazing track kicks off.   

If you're caught up in the infectious spirit of the site, you can go even deeper, browsing graffiti art from the games or uploading your own (though beware some unsavory memes), or listening to stations fashioned after the unique crews that run amok around the city (complete with thematically appropriate songs not heard in the games). Who knows - maybe if enough people tune in to hear DJ Professor K spin those records, Sega will see fit to give us the new Jet Set Radio game we all demand and deserve.

For anyone unfamiliar with the series, you should grab Jet Set Radio HD (opens in new tab) and play it as soon as humanly possible.

Lucas Sullivan

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