Trapped Chilean miners get PSPs, are probably disappointed

There%26rsquo;s nothing funny about being trapped in the cold dark for months. While supply lines have reached the headline-dominating miners, who have been isolated since the collapse of a Chilean mine on August 5th, it will be months before they'll see daylight again. So the rescuers, in a bit of misguided compassion, have provided them with PSPs to pass the time.

Above: Yay

The miners are definitely hurting for things to do, but given the PSP%26rsquo;s six-hour battery life, perhaps video games should not have been the first choice. Maybe the rescuers are running power through the supply borehole, since they also provided MP3 players... or maybe they're just dropping a lot of batteries into the shaft.

Still, the Chilean government and people are doing their best to keep the miners%26rsquo; spirits up, and their efforts should be applauded. Many have argued, however, that DSes would have been more prudent. Pokemon can pass a lot of time.

In seriousness, we wish all of the miners a speedy and safe escape. We can't possibly understand what they're going through down there, but we can come up with silly "what if?" questions, so tell us in the comments: how would you want to pass the time if you were trapped in a damp tunnel 2,300 feet under the earth for five months? If you had to choose a videogame to keep you sane, which would it be?

[Source: Kotaku]

Aug 30, 2010