Transylvania review

Asia Argento’s gravel-voiced harpy heads up a cast of Romany Gypsy locals in this grotty tale of love on the Romanian highway. Spurned by the Transylvanian father of her soon-to-be-born child, Zingarina (Argento) inexplicably decides that the best way to soothe her many ills would be to embark on a ramshackle and purposeless road-trip in the company of hirsute wheeler-dealer Tchalango (Birol Ünel). French- Algerian director Tony Gatlif shows great skill in capturing local colour and texture, sourcing a rogues’ gallery of memorable images from the fog-shrouded environs. He’s less successful at giving any direction or meaning to his central pairing’s on/ off relationship, answering any and all questions the film raises by striking up the band and having a good old sing-song. In the end, Transylvania feels like an amazing soundtrack in search of a story.

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