Transformers: The Game

Licensed games have a bad enough reputation, but when they also happen to be movie tie-ins for potential summer blockbusters? Well, that type of game usually falls somewhere between dysentery and an autographed photo of Bob Saget on The List of Things Gamers Would Most Like to Acquire. That is to say, expectations generally aren’t too high. Fortunately, Transformers: The Game is being developed by Traveller’s Tales, the very same folks behind the well-received Lego Star Wars titles.

In choosing a campaign, the game gives you the option of being either Autobot or Decepticon. Once you’ve started, you’ll instantly notice the free-roaming environments that allow you to cruise from one goal to the next at your leisure. That probably sounds like roughly 72% of all games released since GTA III, but don’t make the mistake of calling this a sandbox game. It’s looking to be a much more linear, mission-oriented affair.