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TrackMania becomes United

Monday 3 July 2006
The TrackMania PC racing series is back with TrackMania United from developer Nadeo and will include a myriad of new features.

The track building and racing sim for PC has a large online community where new environments can be designed to blast round in souped-up sports cars.

United will cherry pick the best options from the original TrackMania, TrackMania: Power Up!, TrackMania Sunrise and TrackMania Nations ESWC, but will also include brand new features.

There will be twice as many blocks for the stadium environments and more options than ever for the track design. New online features will enable you to have a global ranking and have your track designs put up for rating by other players.

Above: TrackMania United represents Nadeo's vision for TrackMania when it first started the series