Toy Story 3 writer tapped for Snow And The Seven

snow white

Good to see that Javier Bardem isn’t the only one benefitting from a little Oscar nomination exposure.

Oscar-winning screenwriter Michael Ardnt has just been nominated for his second baldie (he bagged his first for the script of Little Miss Sunshine ) for Toy Story 3 , and Disney are taking note.

They’ve just hired him to pen their 19th century retelling of the Snow White fairytale, Snow And The Seven - not to be confused with Universal's Snow White And The Huntsman starring Viggo Mortensen (and possible Kristen Stewart).

Snow And The Seven teleports the story to the East, where an Englishwoman returns to Hong Kong for her father’s funeral.

There, she discovers that her stepmother is scheming against her. Fleeing to mainland China, the young woman takes refuge with a band of seven international warriors.

It’s a bizarre concept that is no doubt aiming for a Tangled -inspired overhaul – we’re sure with those warriors in tow the film will feature no end of spectacular fight sequences.

Natalie Portman has been offered the role of Snow, but her pregnancy could see her dropping the part. If that happens, expect a scrum of Hollywood actresses to give chase.

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