Torment: Numenera is fastest Kickstarter to $1 million

Torment: Numenera is the fastest ever Kickstarter to reach $1 million--even faster than Ouya. Planescape: Torment is called a cult classic, but it must have a pretty big cult given the extraordinary success of its successor's less-than-a-day-old campaign.

The new Torment has a different setting (based on upcoming tabletop RPG Numenera) from the original, but the lineage is distinct. Players should expect a game rich in choices and devoid of clear-cut morality.

Wait a minute, though--isn't InXile still working on its previous Kickstarter success story, Wasteland 2? Yeah, but that game's already deep into production, meaning the studio's writers, artists, and other designers are ready to start up again. This model will help InXile avoid the all-too-common cycle of hiring and firing among game developers, founder Brian Fargo argues.

InXile is keeping Torment: Tides of Numenera's stretch goals under wraps for now, though we'll likely see them soon given the project's tremendous momentum.

Connor Sheridan

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