Top 20 Movies Of 2005

In this month's issue (on sale from 1 December) we gave you our Review Of The Year 2005 - for all those non-attention payers and monastery-dwellers among you.

This celebration of 2005 culminates in the Total Film Top 20 Movies Of 2005.

We're not going to tell you why we chose these particular twenty films or what we think their Best Bits are - that's in the mag! But here's the list of twenty, with links to their respective Cinema Reviews.

And if you don't like our list... well you know what you can do? Go to the forum of course!!!

1. Sideways
2. Batman Begins
3. Murderball
4. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
5. The Descent
6. Sin City
7. A History Of Violence
8. Million Dollar Baby
9. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith
10. Kung Fu Hustle
11. Crash
12. Saraband
13. Wedding Crashers
14. Mysterious Skin
15. Wolf Creek
16. Lord Of War
17. The Constant Gardener
18. Somersault
19. Serenity
20. Innocence

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