Too Human

Thursday 6 July 2006
It's been 12 years and three consoles in the making; Too Human, part of a planned trilogy, is a project of substantial ambition and scale. The game is weaved around a complicated storyline arc of cybernetic gods and Norse mythology, so it comes as some surprise that the gameplay is quite simple. Too simple, you might say.

Above: We like the idea. We like the mythology part. But this has got some way to go yet

Too Human is being marketed as an action RPG, but, to play, it's got more in common with something like Ninety-Nine Nights. While there's still a lot of time to go on the game, you can already get a feel for how technically impressive the finished article will be - assisted by a long-range camera angle, the Hall of Heroes, where the game begins, offers an impressive sense of size and scale. It's a humbling experience in many ways - but then again so is actually playing it.