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Tomb Raider Anniversary review

Don't worry - it's just like the PS2 version


  • PSP's best collection of puzzles
  • Great revamp of original
  • Lara looks better than ever


  • Clunky controls at times
  • Combat's so-so
  • Where's the sequel?

To be fair, the fact that Tomb Raider Anniversary on PSP causes pain isn’t really any fault of its own. That’s down to the design of the PSP, in particular the positioning of its analog nubbin. General running, jumping and swinging doesn’t present too many problems, but when things get really hectic, like when, say, you’re trying not to get mauled by a pack of rabid bears or shredded by a T-Rex, the constant struggle to stay out of harm’s way while keeping your target in sight could reduce a grown man to tears.

There’s really very little else to get up in arms about. Crystal Dynamics has stuck to the same formula which made Tomb Raider: Legend so much fun to play, which is to say it hasn’t mucked things up. And we’re pretty relieved.

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DescriptionWith Tomb Raider Legend having reminded us why Tomb Raider rocks, it's a fine time to revisit one of Lara's earlier adventures.
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