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Tim Roth: A Career In Four Minutes

Tim Roth is one of Britain’s most diverse character actors, so much so that some of his best-known work is in iconic American movies that sit alongside homegrown projects on his CV.

He returns to UK soil for Broken , an urban drama that opens in the UK on 8 March 2013. He plays Archie, the lawyer father of the film’s central player Skunk (feisty newcomer Eloise Laurence), and together they live in a confined cul-de-sac that serves as something of a social petri dish.

Roth made his acting debut as a violent skinhead in Alan Clarke’s Made In Britain , and went on to become one of Quentin Tarantino’s key fixtures. Refreshingly, Roth’s as open when talking about his big studio pictures (like The Incredible Hulk ) as he is with the more low-key work.

Watch the video below for a personal, anecdote-stuffed tour through Tim Roth’s movie life in just four minutes:

Broken is in UK cinemas from 8 March 2013.