This mysterious upcoming indie game has chonky pigeons and the most chaotic Steam page

The Dot thicc pigeons
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This upcoming indie game has very rotund pigeons in it, but I literally couldn't tell you anything else about it. 

Earlier today a clip of said birds appeared on my Twitter feed, and as a pigeon lover, I was immediately interested. From the footage, I got the vibe that the title in question, known as The Dot, would be some kind of cozy life sim, similar to Stardew Valley. Upon further research though, I discovered that this game could literally be anything because any info I can find about the game is super ambiguous. 

We have got this trailer for The Dot though that not only shows the pigeons we've been talking about but also a very chonky raccoon. 

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A look at The Dot's Steam page (opens in new tab) doesn't help you understand anything about this upcoming game either. No really, the game's description on the digital storefront literally just says: "Good luck writing this steam store description - Josh" and nothing else. I couldn't even tell you who Josh is, I just assume they're one of the developers working on the mysterious game along with the two who are listed in the game's Twitter (opens in new tab) bio. 

Further down the Steam page, we do get a little more context. The Dot's 'About This Game' section on Steam reads: "Okay this is a little weird. This is the game that my friend made. He never explained it. And you know, I'm supposed to write something here." The description continues: "I could write here how great it is to play it, or that it breaks the rules of how games should work. You will play one game, yet somehow you will play many. You will play everything and nothing at the same time, or you will meet the cutest pigeons." The rest of The Dot's Steam page literally just reads: "Go ahead, try to unpack this person," before being signed off by this Josh person again. 

It does have some screenshots though. The only problem is that they seem to be from several different games but also the same game? The first of eight screenshots shows a cozy-looking game with adorable pixel art but this quickly changes as the remaining screenshots look like they're from very early builds of various games, maybe?

At least we know that this is kind of the point, the final screenshot on The Dot's Steam page is a PowerPoint-style graphic that just has the text: "So, did you learn what the game's about?" and two options, one of which reads: "I don't get it what is this game." One thing the Steam page does reveal though is that The Dot is due to release in February 2023, so maybe we'll have a better idea of what kind of game it is closer to its launch.  

I have no idea what The Dot is, but thanks to some very bouncy pigeons, I guess I'm hanging around to find out. 

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