This MMO streamer is letting their chat play World of Warcraft for them, and they've hit level 60 in just over a week

World of Warcraft's Panda race
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MMO streamer Labat has let their Twitch viewers control a World Of Warcraft character, and within a single week, the chat has stormed past Level 60.

In a recent YouTube video celebrating the fun achievement, Labat explained the journey so far. “All I have to do is dedicate a rig to this to make sure it can stay up as long as possible,” he said, “make sure everybody has equal access to be able to access the inputs at the same time, and then make sure that everyone gets along, and then there’s no way I should be able to f**k this up, right?” He continued to joke that “everyone gets along on the internet, right?” That’s followed by the ironic Always Sunny In Philadelphia opening theme to highlight that, no, not everyone gets along over the internets, as he would soon find out.

Labat’s audience had a similar setup to the famous Twitch Plays Pokémon playthrough, except this time the chat was controlling a character in a fully 3D world with countless other players. Labat elaborated that chat could run, jump, leap, and fly, but they couldn’t control the camera. The resourceful mass-players also used an add-on to resurrect themselves and automatically bulk-sell junk, which cut down significantly on playtime.

The full Let’s Play was certainly not a smooth ride, however, as the character got stuck in a canal for two whole hours. There was also some in-fighting within the Twitch chat since Labat says that people were either trying to progress through the levels or were trying to derail the playthrough. But Labat said these chaotic players were part of the fun and would stick around for the longest. 

The Twitch Plays World Of Warcraft challenge has since taken on a life of its own, as once the community hit Level 40, they shot to Level 60 in just 48 hours. Where do they go from here? Labat says that the chat will aim to reach the game’s level cap, and then he’ll organise a raid with a proper commentator for the event. Should that be successful, the streamer has plans to coordinate an entire raid group full of Twitch-controlled characters, which sounds wildly ambitious, but hey, Twitch chats have shown that anything is possible. You can find the stream live now on Twitch.

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