This eerie 2D platformer featuring Nathan Drake's voice actor scratches that Inside itch, and it's free

Try Again screenshot
(Image credit: the Rejects)

If you're looking for another game like Playdead's Inside, we have the perfect thing for you. The even better news, it's completely free.

Try Again is a spooky 2.5D platformer that takes place inside an unfinished video game and stars test character Benny, who's about to become the main character of his game. In the game, players will take control of Benny as he attempts to escape the game he's trapped in, navigating various platformer-style obstacles. This isn't going to be easy as the creator of the unfinished game, The Designer, has a deadline to meet and won't let Benny leave under any circumstances. 

It doesn't take much to see the comparisons between Try Again and Inside. For starters, both feature a small protagonist wearing a red shirt, eerie environments, and require players to think fast as they perform perfect platforming and quick puzzle-solving. One thing that The Rejects (Try Again's developer) has that Playdead doesn't though is none other than Nathan Drake from Uncharted - aka Nolan North - voicing its lead character. 

If you like the look of the trailer above, there's pretty much no reason why you shouldn't at least give Try Again, well, a try. That's because Try Again is absolutely free on Steam. It's worth noting though, as one of the reviews for the game explains, this is a fairly short game, so don't expect to be playing for countless hours. Don't let this put you off, though; Try Again still has plenty of 'Very Positive' reviews praising its gameplay and narrative. 

Despite being a fairly small game on its own, Inside has clearly left a lasting impression on several other developers, as we've seen a number of other games that seem to have been inspired by it, including Cocoon, After Us, and Planet of Lana.   

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