This dad sneakily starts playing Ring Fit Adventure after realising how much fun his daughter has with the game

In our series to explore the real-life users of Ring Fit, we've spoken to father and daughter duo, John and Lily. 

11-year-old Lily was the one who originally started playing Ring Fit Adventure, but when 39-year-old Dad, John, saw her trying to take down Dragnaux, he had to try it for himself. 

Lily tries to work through a couple of levels per night, around her schoolwork and after-school Scottish country dancing classes, but always feels satisfied when she's ticked off another world. In fact, so much so that she loves to celebrate every level she finishes. 

John loves the flexibility of the workout offered with Ring Fit Adventure. By day, he works in an office at a call centre, and enjoys being able to get in a Ring Fit Adventure workout when he gets home with whatever time he does have.

John and Lily have also enjoyed using Ring Fit Adventure as a bonding exercise too in their last year playing the Switch title. They both already loved playing video games, but very rarely ever together. But with Ring Fit, they work through levels in tandem, jogging alongside one another, and then use the mini-games as a bit of friendly competition. 

For John and Lily's challenge, the duo took on three mini-games - Squat Goals, Squattery Wheel, and Thigh Rider. The pair are seeing which one can achieve the highest score in each mini-game. But their challenge to you is, pick three mini-games at random and challenge another family member to see who comes out on top. 

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