This Assassin's Creed line of hooded jackets puts your Ezio costume to shame

(Image credit: Volante Design/Ubisoft)

Assassin's Creed has always been a stylish franchise. The series' hooded assassins have inspired Halloween costumes for over a decade, but now you don't need an excuse to dress like a member of the House of Auditore. Superhuman Streetwear has teamed up with Ubisoft for a collaboration Assassin's Creed fans have always wanted, but probably never saw coming.

"For years you have lived by the tenets of the Creed. It's time to join the Brotherhood. Don the mantle of The Auditore to lead as a Master Assassin. Just like its namesake, The Auditore combines years of legacy and tactical functionality. Outfit yourself in this sleek design and impeccable fit to venture forth and uphold what you believe in."

The collection includes three premium items at the moment: The Auditore for men, The Auditore for women, and the unisex Auditore cape. I say "premium" because the cape alone costs $175, while the hooded jackets will run you $525. One Twitter (opens in new tab) user asked the designer why the pieces cost what they do, and received the following reply: "Design complexity, durability of materials, and American-made production."

The Auditore jackets are available in Assassin White, Wetlands Ebony, and Roman Gilded Onyx, while the cape only comes in ebony and onyx. You can pre-order (opens in new tab) your Assassin's Creed jacket and expect it to ship December 23, but act quick because it looks like supplies are limited.

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