Things To Do Before You're 30 review

Graphite-hard pitches, eyeball-high tackles, homoerotic towel-whipping and nicotine-fugged lungs on a crispy cold morning... Ah, the pleasures of Sunday League football. Still, it’s a pastime that the six members of Athletico Greenwich revel in. Many on the wrong side of 30, they’re torn between the not-so-beautiful game and trying to get on with their adult lives.

So far, so nil-nil. But despite the disparate Love, Actually-style storylines being obvious (Dougray Scott’s Cass and his troubles with commitment; Shaun Parkes’ Adam and his Big Secret) and some characters sketched using Heskey-like finesse, it’s redeemed by brilliant performances, with Bruce MacKinnon playing a blinder as the dying coach. So, predictable tactics, great players. It’s something England have to get used to...

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