The Shatner Show

If, like us, you try to live your life by the precepts and example of the mighty William Shatner, you'll be delighted to learn that he's inspired a new exhibition. It's called The Shatner Show, and it features dozens of works responding to Captain Kirk, TJ Hooker, Shatner's "singing" career and his general legendarytude. Is that a word? Probably not. Sod it.

Now, it's in Calgary, Alberta, Canada - which isn't exactly convenient (unless you're Canadian - hello Canadians! Lock your front doors, you crazy people! We've seen that Michael Moore film, and we've half a mind to come round and burgle you), but you can browse through an online gallery of the art by going here .
(Click on the artists' names down the right-hand side of the page). A lot of the art is still available to buy (oh, we're tempted... seriously tempted. If only we were better paid), and you can also buy a hardback book collecting it all together.

Hmmm. Wonder if Nimoy's seen this?