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The Best SF Cliffhangers 10

“Before The Flood”

Another JJ Abrams show that was no shirker when it came to leaving you wanting more at the end of en episode, Alias had two episodes in serious contention. Season two‘s “Phase One” impressed with the revelation that Evil Francine had shot and killed the real Francine. But "Before The Flood”, season four’s finale, is a tough act to beat, thanks to it’s double whammy – one of the whammies being not quite so metaphorical as the other. Driving our heroine Syd in a car, Michael comes over all confessional: "For starters, my name isn’t Michael Vaughan.” We're still reeling from this revelation, gagging for more info, when another car slams into the side of Michael and Syd’s vehicle. Bet that made you jump.

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