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The X-Men: First Class Announcements Keep On Coming

We weren’t joking yesterday with our “Another day, another cast announcement” line… Now it’s the White Queen and more

  • The White Queen will be played by the delightfully-named January Jones (Betty Draper in Mad Men )
  • Angel will be played by Zoe Kravitz ( Beware The Gonzo , Twelve )
  • Magneto as a young boy will be played by Bill Bilner ( Son Of Rambow )

Which immediately raises the question, has Angel had a sex change? Or, considering this is a prequel (of sorts) will she have a sex change to become Warren Worthington III? Or did Variety, which originated the story (and which needs subscriptions to be able to see these days, so as much as we'd like to link to them, there’s no point really), just make a cock-up? Time will tell. (Or somebody can post a comment below going, “I think you’ll find in Utterly Brilliant X-Men issue 147 it was revealed that Warren Worthington was actually born Wanda Worthington but changed sex when her/his mutant abilities developed.”)