The world's smallest city builder launches on Steam this month

The Block
(Image credit: Paul Schnepf)

While many developers are focused on creating vast worlds in size and scope, solo developer Paul Schnepf is opting to keep things small and simple. In fact, his next project, The Block, is so minuscule that it's the world's smallest city builder.

In The Block, you won't be in charge of creating a sprawling and complex metropolis; instead, it's designed as "a bite-sized experience for city builder fans short on time/money/attention /all of the above." You build your mini city by placing randomly generated buildings and objects on a coloured grid and watch as your adorable creation springs to life. You can choose the size and colour of your little city, and each level can be finished in a matter of minutes. 

According to its Steam page, The Block has no goals, challenges or complicated features, making it the perfect choice when you want to chill out. And if you're hoping to cosy up with this teeny-tiny indie over the holidays, you're in luck, as it's coming to Steam on December 16. A demo is also currently available on Valve's platform, allowing you to try it out before launch.

Schnepf's previous work includes The Ramp, which launched in August 2021. Described by its creator as "a digital toy," this cosy indie captures the feeling of real-life skateboarding without the worry of broken bones. It's got a sweet and simple style similar to The Block and has been met with an "Overwhelmingly Positive" response from Steam fans, giving us even higher hopes for his upcoming game.

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