The Witcher remake reignites a slightly different 'best girl' debate

Triss Merrigold in The Witcher
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The Witcher remake has reiginited a heated debate as to who Geralt should romance - albeit with a notable twist.

Geralt of Rivia has never had a problem with the ladies. The gruff monster-slayer is frequently commented upon as being hideously ugly to most folks on the Continent, but there is no shortage of romantic interests for him to woo across all three games. The Witcher 3 saw him reunite with the canonic love of his life, Yennefer of Vengerberg, but the first game in the trilogy saw us torn between two others.

A thread in the Witcher subreddit (opens in new tab) has kicked off the "battle of the redheads". It pits Triss Merrigold - a romantic option across all three games and several books - against Shani - a love interest who features heavily in The Witcher 1 and then again in the Hearts of Stone expansion to The Witcher 3. One is a bewitching sorceress, the other a wise-talking medic, and Geralt needs to choose between them; but it's not that simple.

Beautiful redheads do seem to be Geralt's type in The Witcher 1. From vampiric villain Queen of the Night to the cursed King Folstest's daughter Adda, Geralt has the chance to make merry with no shortage of women. Romancing these side characters doesn't have any in-game consequences, but with both Triss and Shani returning in later games and your choice being crucial to which ending you get, even with Yennefer not around, this isn't a choice to be taken lightly.

One of the most unique, perhaps infamous features of The Witcher 1 is the romance cards. These collectible in-game cards act as 'trophies', awarded to you when you successfully romance one of Geralt's many potential bed-mates, and were replaced with cutscenes in later games. Whether the romance cards will return in the remake, we don't know – but at least we should get a fix to one of the original's most glaring issues

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