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Here's another several ways to enjoy the next seven days in a SF sty-lee

Welcome to The Week In Sci-Fi! Bookmark and you’ll never be more than one click away from our weekly highlights listing. All release/transmission dates are for the UK, cos, like, that’s where we live, innit?


SFX ’s brand new Vampire Special hits newsstands today!

Arriving on DVD today: Doctor Who: The Sensorites (featuring William Hartnell's Doctor); Lars Von Trier’s apocalyptic effort Melancholia ; Merlin Series Four, Volume Two (as well as a complete series box set); 1964 Christopher Lee horror Castle Of The Living Dead ; and making its debut on Blu-ray, John Carpenter’s slacker-SF Dark Star .

In The Price Of Fear episode “Lot 132” Vincent Price tells the horrifying tale of a painting – Radio Four Extra, 6pm (repeated at midnight).

The late Doctor Who producer Barry Letts continues reading memoir Who And Me (part 6 of 7) - Radio Four Extra, 6.30pm (repeated at 00.30).

A re-run of Torchwood: Children Of Earth continues with part 3 - Watch, 9pm.

The penultimate episode of American Horror Story brings the scares to FX at 10pm. Don't forget to check out our review afterwards!

Arooooooooo! An American Werewolf In London scampers around the moors again - 10.55pm, Horror Channel.

There are genetically modified killer sharks on the loose in Deep Blue Sea , 11pm on ITV2.

Michael Keaton stars in zany Tim Burton fantasy Beetlejuice - TCM, 11.05pm.

Arnie proves that if it bleeds, you can indeed kill it in Predator , 11:20pm on Film4.


Vincent Price reads chilling tale "Fish" in The Price Of Fear – Radio Four Extra, 6pm (repeated at midnight).

The late Doctor Who producer Barry Letts concludes reading memoir Who And Me (part 7 of 7) - Radio Four Extra, 6.30pm (repeated at 00.30).

The future is a decidedly dodgy place for the over-30s in dystopian classic Logan's Run , 6:45pm on Film4.

Angelina Jolie's digitalised thrupenny bits take centre stage in Beowulf , 9pm on 5USA.

Comedy horror - the perfect accompaniment for a dreary January Tuesday - can be found in The Howling , 11pm on ITV4.

Scotland is sealed off after the outbreak of a virus in Neil Marshall's Doomsday - Syfy, 11.30pm.


Vincent Price reads chilling tale "The Waxwork" in The Price Of Fear – Radio Four Extra, 6pm (repeated at midnight).

Meet Xavier's gang of world-saving mutants in their first feature film excursion - X-Men is on Film4 at 6:50pm.

Doctor Who , Matt Smith and Eve Myles are amongst those you can nominate for a gong (voting closes at midday today) in The National Television Awards - ITV1, 7.30pm.

Mix vampirism and lesbianism and what do you get? Well, lots of straight men in a froth mostly, but also Hammer’s Lust For A Vampire - 10.55pm, Horror Channel.

Neil Marshall's Doomsday gets another run out - Syfy, 11.30pm.

Feeling brave and a little twisted? The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence will test your stomach on Syfy at 00:30am.


On the wireless, dark fantasy adventure Pilgrim (about an immortal bloke who exists in limbo between our world and that of the faeries) returns for third series (part 1 of 4) - Radio Four, 2.15pm.

Music-loving London types rejoice: there's a launch gig for SF-comedy-rock-opera Dinosaur Planet tonight at The Wilmington Arms, 69 Rosebery Avenue, EC1R 4RL. Read our review of Dinosaur Planet !

Vincent Price reads chilling tale "Blind Man's Buff" in The Price Of Fear – Radio Four Extra, 6pm (repeated at midnight).

Get some Polish SF in your life with Stanislaw Lem: A Celebration , taking place at Alfreton Library, Derby today from 7.15-8.45pm.

Eternal Law continues over on ITV1 at 9pm. Have you been reading our reviews ?

If that's not to your liking, you can catch season two of Lost Girl over on Syfy, also at 9pm.

BBC HD's re-run of Outcasts continues with the second episode at 10.30pm.

There's parkour in a future Paris in District 13 - Film4, 10.50pm.

David Lynch's frankly indescribable Lost Highway is on at 10.55pm, Horror Channel.

Burton Bat-sequel Batman Returns is on TCM at 00.40am.


Intruders and A Monster In Paris arrive at your local enormoplex today. To the picturehouse!

Resident Evil: Revelations arrives on DS and 3DS today, gamers.

1940 fantasy adventure The Thief Of Baghdad is on Film4 at 4.30pm.

Vincent Price reads chilling tale "Goody Two Shows" in The Price Of Fear – Radio Four Extra, 6pm (repeated at midnight).

The aliens are attacking - quick! Call Will Smith! Independence Day is on Film4 at 9pm.

There's a curious Canadian spin on zombies as words become infected in Pontypool - 9pm, Horror Channel.

Enterprise captain Patrick Stewart is amongst the guests on The Graham Norton Show - 10.35pm, BBC1.

Jon Pertwee, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee are amongst the stars of 1971 anthology movie The House That Dripped Blood - 10.55pm, Horror Channel.

Enormous alien brain monsters, off-planet action and a bit of Neil Patrick Harris into the bargain - what's not to like about Starship Troopers , 11:30pm on BBC One?

Parkour-in-a-future-Paris sequel District 13: Ultimatum is on Film4 at 11.45pm.

Crazed coupling with a sci-fi twist will hurt your delicate heart in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind , 00:25am on Channel 4.

Peter Cushing takes on two clothes-shy vampires in Twins Of Evil - 00.50am, Horror Channel.


There’s a chance to get an early glimpse of Magic The Gathering: Dark Ascension at Forbidden Planet’s Croydon and Birmingham stores.

Being Human 's Russell Tovey is doing the publicity rounds today, with radio appearances on Graham Norton 's Radio 2 show (from 10am) and Radio 4's Loose Ends (6.15pm).

It seems to be on every weekend, but let's face it, if a film is going to be put on infinite loop it might as well be Back To The Future , ITV2 at 12:55pm.

Family-friendly fantasy ahoy in The Spiderwick Chronicles , 1pm on Film4.

Edward Norton is Dr Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk , 3:05pm on ITV1.

Never-bettered SF comedy Galaxy Quest beams onto BBC Two at 4:35pm.

Blake's 7 audio The Early Years: The Dust Run (featuring Benedict Cumberbatch) is on Radio Four Extra at 6pm (repeated at midnight).

A two-part reading of Philip K Dick's "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale" concludes on Radio Four Extra at 6.3opm.

X-Men is on Film4 at 7pm, with Predator following at 9pm.

Beowulf is on 5USA again at 9pm.

There's a double-bill of Hammer House Of Horror (episodes 11 and 12) from 9pm on the Horror Channel.

Not one for the faint-hearted, The Human Centipede: First Sequence slithers onto Syfy at 10pm.

Treat yourself to a late-night viewing of Alien , 11:05pm on ITV4.

Hammer's third mummy film, The Mummy’s Shroud , is on at 11.10pm on the Horror Channel.

George Romero's third zombie film, 1985's Day Of The Dead , is on BBC2 at 1.05am.

And Oldboy director Park Chan-wook's fantasy comedy I'm A Cyborg, But That's OK is on Film4 at 1.20am.


Nobody knows how the people behind Catwoman managed to ruin a great character and make Halle Berry look un-sexy at the same time, but you can make your own mind up at 12:45pm on Watch.

Cheesy Star Wars cash-in The Humanoid features Bond alumni Richard Kiel and Barbara Bach (plus a robot dog) - 4pm, Horror Channel.

Terry "Davros" Molloy and David Warner star in The Scarifyers: The Magic Circle (part 1 of 4) on Radio Four Extra at 6.30pm (repeated at 00.30).

Episode 13 of Hammer House Of Horror is on at 9pm on the Horror Channel.

Lacking the budget of the original makes Starship Troopers 2: Heroes Of The Federation a slightly underwhelming affair at 11pm on Syfy.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind director Michel Gondry's fantasy comedy The Science Of Sleep is on BBC2 at 11.30pm.

It lacks the Arnie gun show of the original but Predator 2 should make great post-pub entertainment at 11:35pm on Channel 4.

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