The Video Zone

Nov 16, 2007

All hail the Internetz! Procrastination has never been so optimized. These cinematic oddballs are the fruits of our Sunday drive out on Al Gore's Info-super-highway. Some are "teh r0x0rz," some are "teh sux0rz," while most fall somewhere into "teh medi0crez."

But you can rest assured that when GamesRadar showcases the work of YouTube nutcases, it's certifiably "r0x0rific!" We've scoured the internet for hilarious and just plain weird crap supplied by fellow gamers. So put on your Double-You-Tea-Eff hats and prepare to be mildly amused.

Dave Chapelle GTA parody by daveb33

American funnyman Dave Chapelle spoofs GTA, awkward character animations and all. We love the bit where he switches weapons. Chappers obviously plays a lot of Grand Theft.

Pro Evolution Soccer "parody" by msrackoid

We don't really understand this. They say it's a PES parody, but it's just some very strangely shot footage of three blokes in strange outfits arsing about in a garden with a football.

MGS Owned! by ThePissedOff

Famous scenes from the Metal Gear series where people get 'owned', usually by dying. There's a lot of ownage going on in Kojima's masterpiece. Koj loves a bit of ownery.

Skate compilation by ag1002

Here's a collection of user videos from Skate's awesome built-in replay editor. We like the bails the best, although some of the tricks are real technical marvels. Good skills, people.

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