The Video Zone

The internet is probably the greatest invention since sliced bread. While it's lame to utilize an overused cliché to praise the power of the web, we'd like to think that having untold power to look at pr0n, post a blog, stream music and watch old episodes of The X-Files at the same time must come from a pretty damn good invention. Plain white bread it ain't.

And thusly, we've lumped some of our more entertaining findings on this here page. Take a gander and experience the magic that Al Gore invented for us.

Episode 1 - Realistic Okami (opens in new tab)

Episode 2 - Pyramid Head busts a move (opens in new tab)

Episode 3 - PaRappa in person (opens in new tab)

Episode 4 - A PS3 drowns and Metal Gear fandom (opens in new tab)

Episode 5 - Motorstorm mayhem and supermarket Splinter Cell (opens in new tab)

Episode 6 - Where you're going... you don't need roads (opens in new tab)

Episode 7 - LEGO my zombies, and groovy gimps (opens in new tab)

Episode 8 - Ratchet and Blanka (opens in new tab)

Episode 9 - Grand Theft Chappelle (opens in new tab)