The Unwinking Gaze: The Inside Story Of The Dalai Lama's Struggle For Tibet review

If anything'll give you bad karma, it's setting the Dalai Lama's life to a naff pop soundtrack by Radiohead. Although that didn't stop former BBC producer Joshua Dugdale, who spent three years filming Tibet's exiled leader as he struggled to net greater autonomy from China for his people. Clumsy packaging aside, this doco deserves kudos for drawing eyes back to Tibet's plight, especially given its well-timed release in the Beijing Olympics run-up. It's not too hard-hitting, dry political talks broken up with little beyond the uber-guru's duty-round of public engagements (popping into an Alanis Morissette concert; receiving a congressional medal from Bush). Luckily, a good dose of magnetism’s exerted by the man himself, his easy joking and infectious laughter evidence he finds all this worldly fuss a tad silly.

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