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Even The Simpsons staff can't catch a break with Destiny's exotics

You'd think if anyone would be guaranteed an Exotic piece of gear in Destiny (opens in new tab), it'd be someone working on The Simpsons. I mean, think about it: Exotics are yellow, the citizens of Springfield are yellow… it just makes sense. But even a casting associate on America's longest-running animated series can have troubles filling out their collection, at least according to the credits for this year's "Treehouse of Horror" episode.

Reddit user "Violentbacon" (sidenote: people really have the most interesting usernames, don't they?) snapped (opens in new tab) a pic of the episode's credits, which includes a slight nod to Bungie's shooter. Where other staff get spooky nicknames such as "James 'Hell' Brooks," casting associate Nick Conti referred to himself as "Nick 'Necrochasm' Conti," with a small note in parentheses that reads, "Still don't have it."

Someone claiming to be Conti on Reddit explained that they know the gun isn't great stats-wise, but they're looking to complete their Exotic collection. "I'm hoping the next time I go in RNJesus is a little kinder to me and I get that sweet, sweet Crux [of Crota]." I say good luck to you sir, and thanks for reminding us (and the world, even if they don't recognize the reference) that everybody and anybody can be a gamer.

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Sam Prell
Sam Prell

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