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The Simpsons Game review

Better than Bonestorm

GamesRadar+ Verdict


  • +

    Lots of characters with dialogue

  • +

    Feeding your own Pet Homer

  • +

    A "funny" game that actually is


  • -

    Knowingly tired gameplay

  • -

    Kinda short

  • -

    Not having paid attention to pop culture

Nov 6, 2007

While boasting an impressive and somewhat creepy 3-D veneer, the DS version of The Simpsons is a solid little 2-D platformer at heart.Sure thelevels are on the ugly side, and the combat kinda stinks, but everything else is assuredly Simpsons. And anyone out there who can remember the abysmal attempts of Simpsons gaming past will probably want to take notice.

Did we mention the game is funny? God damn -it's really funny. As much as we, the jadedreviewer, tend to roll our eyes at one-liners and other such cheesy quips, the game has to be commended for how well the license is utilized. Along with the playable Simpsons family (sorry, no grandpa),many of your favorite characters make an appearance,and voice actors you know and love are on boardto bring them to life. Seriously, there's a lot of comedy shoveled into this little DS kart

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