The Shaggy Dog review

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Tagline: "A man tries to live a normal life, despite the fact that he sometimes turns into a sheepdog." You know you want it. The man is Tim Allen and the normal life is that of an attorney with his nuclear family and their massive house. However, he takes a nip from a... very old man who looks like a Tibetan sheepdog. Possibly reincarnated, or something. And then, when he showers, he dries off by shaking vigorously. He eats his cereal by dunking his face into the bowl and chomping. And, in a flash of borderline pornography, he weakly submits to a bunch of salivating pooches all lining up for a good sniff of his arse.

Allen's canine channelling is daft and deft enough to inspire both snooty tuts and stifled guffaws, and anyone who's either under 10 or willing to freely pander to their inner idiot, will, uh, lap it up.

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