The noob's guide to Fallout: New Vegas factions – how to tell allies from enemies

History: A “secular religion”, the FotA do not believe in any particular “god”, but still serve as missionaries to the wastes. You could say the Followers are “good guys” given that they show wasteland inhabitants how to grow their own food and teach the history of the pre-war world in the hopes that humanity’s mistakes are not repeated.

The Followers accept refugees from all over, including former Raiders, Slavers, even Enclave members. Such practices naturally inflame those who might still have a bone to pick with such characters. Even more enraging is the FotA’s policy of encouraging “oppressed” citizens to rise up against their respective governments.

However, the FotA’s own track record is not without its own curiosities. Given that its base of operations (at least as of 2061) was the mostly intact Los Angeles Library, certain followers became privy to ideas and notions that were not in line with the primary mission of the organization. It is even said that Caesar himself (of the Slaver Guild “Caesar’s Legion”) was once a member of the FotA.

Role in Fallout New Vegas: It has been confirmed that the Followers appear in FONV, but the group’s motives are still unclear. Is it attempting to correct the mistakes of the past and bring down Caesar’s Legion? Is it being hunted by the NCR for crimes of sedition? Both? We’ll just have to see.

The Slaver%26rsquo;s Guild

Appears in: Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout Tactics

History: Slavery has been a human tradition since the first landowners decided they didn’t want to pay their workers. While government sanctioned slavery was abolished more than two centuries before the Great War, it has seen resurgence in the lawless period following that conflict.

Slaver culture, however, does have rules. While anyone not a member of the guild in question (even sister guilds) is technically fair game in terms of enslavement, it is generally understood that members of powerful tribes or organizations and the particularly wealthy are off limits.

While slavers are generally reviled (for obvious reasons), slaving does prove to be quite a lucrative profession for those with a broken moral compass.

Role in Fallout New Vegas: While there’s bound to be slaves indentured to various Raider clans and other vagrant gangs, Caesar’s Legion appears to be the dominant guild in the Mojave Wastes. What’s more, the Legion commands large chunks of territory around Nevada.

However, while Caesar’s Legion’s members are powerful and severe, they are interested in doing business above all things. Of course, anyone trying to hurt the Legion’s business may soon find themselves wearing a slave collar, but one who proves amenable (which is to say, profitable), will grant themselves great favor with the Legion. They may even be privy to some discounts - not that we’re suggesting anything.

When just living to see the sun rise again is considered a luxury, when the value of a human being is measured only by the ‘quick’ and the ‘dead’, the line between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ will always be skewed. Vegas has a way of disillusioning the naive, but it has never needed a hero more. What will you be?

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Aug 25, 2010

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