The Medium PS5 trailer shows off some cool DualSense features

A new DualSense-focused trailer for The Medium's upcoming PS5 release has arrived, and it's an enticing look at how the controller elevates the supernatural horror game. 

DualSense tricks and haptic feedback can start to feel overdone when every PS5 game under the sun is pushing them – stop me if you've ever seen a game use the triggers to mimic bowstring tension – but The Medium has really pulled out all the stops to pull off some cool-looking features. That said, the opener is a classic: as protagonist Marianna charges up a spirit blast, the triggers will reduce simulated tension.  

Thankfully, the rest of the trailer shows off less familiar ideas, some of which remind me of the DualSense magic in PS5 exclusive Returnal, which many regard as one of the best showcases for the tech. When you put up a spirit shield to block a storm of moths from getting to you, for instance, you'll feel small, rapid pulses all over the controller as they collide with your shield. On the other palm, when you hold your breath while hiding, you'll feel big pulses to indicate when Marianne will run out of breath. This is further amped up by a trick with the light bar which causes it to flicker in time with Marianne's flashlight when monsters are near. 

It's not just haptic feedback, either. You can use the DualSense touchpad to rotate objects as you inspect them for clues, and its built-in gyro sensor can be used to control the camera in first-person examinations (presumably in case the trusty right stick is MIA). And when you're using tools to cut through environmental blockades, the small speaker right on the DualSense will give off sounds mimicking whatever tool you're using, from bolt cutters to scalpels. 

The Medium will come to PS5 on September 3. Check out our full The Medium review for more on the psychological adventure.

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