The Internship review

Vaughn and Wilson are feeling unlucky...

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According to the logic of Shawn Levy’s movie, 40 is the new 80. that’s really the only way to explain the predicament its two middle- aged protagonists, Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson), face.

After all, they’re completely side-swiped when their boss informs them that their careers – selling high-end analogue watches – have come to an abrupt end, leaving them to flail around in a digital world they don’t understand.

When an attempt to work for nick’s brother-in-law (Will Ferrell, in a funny cameo) doesn’t pan out, the pair sign up for a Google internship.

Naturally, most of the interns are half our heroes’ age, and in order to beat the odds, Billy and Nick have to endure traumas both physical and emotional in a programme that seems more like a sadistic reality show.

Despite the exaggerated cluelessness of its leads, there’s a sobering truthfulness to The Internship which undercuts the obvious comedy.

As the middle-aged duo risk it all for an entry-level position, it’s hard to forget the similar scenarios being played out for real after the recession.

Get beyond the grim reality and you get to the real heart of the film: Vaughn and Wilson. eight years on from Wedding Crashers , the pair successfully rekindle their irascible shtick.

Sure, the years might have mellowed them but the bromance is definitely still there.

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