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The Inbetweeners review

Claiming to be the first film ever to be set in a British university, The Inbetweeners will confirm everyone's prejudices about students: that they're no-good, work-shy layabouts who have too much sex, drugs and booze.

Shot on DV, Darren Paul Fisher's debut follows a group of undergraduates during their first year. It is a bitty, episodic affair. Students arrive, students party. Students pair off, students party. Students break up, students party. Students... Well, you get the picture. The direction is flat, the jokes are hit-and-miss and there's even a dodgy cameo from Johnny Ball.

But, for all this, it does have charm, feeling as if the student characters made it themselves. So the amateurish direction is as endearing as it is annoying, the main character, David (Finlay Robertson), is wet but likeable and there's a real feeling for the awkwardness and abandon of your first term at Uni.

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