The Honeymooners review

Take one decades-old sitcom best remembered for its side-splitting use of arguments bordering on domestic violence that means little or nothing to audiences this side of the Atlantic. Give it a Barbershop-alike makeover. Release. Sigh...

Cedric The Entertainer is Ralph Kramden, a bus-driving shyster always dreaming up new schemes with best pal Ed Norton (Mike Epps). Always by their side (except when it comes to the traditional complications just before the big finale) are long suffering wives Alice (Gabrielle Union) and Trixie (Regina Hall). Imagine Del Boy re-invented by Lennie Henry and you're close.

Sadly, what you'd assume is a robust premise with a game cast can't turn this misfiring comedy around. When even John Leguizamo (as a huckster `dog whisperer') feels like he's fed up with his woeful lines, it's time to worry. Consider the honeymoon over before it began.

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