The Evil Within 2 is free to keep for Amazon Prime subscribers

The Evil Within 2
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Amazon's Prime Gaming is kicking off the new year with a hair-raising giveaway: The Evil Within 2 is currently free for subscribers to download and keep.

Years before Tango Softworks immersed us in moody J-horror lore with the criminally underrated Ghostwire: Tokyo, it accomplished the applaudable feat of launching a survival horror sequel that went toe-to-toe with Resident Evil 7 and still managed to stand out as one of 2017's best horror games. Now, it's giving that horror sequel to Prime subscribers to redeem on GOG until February 15.

All you have to do to nab your free copy of The Evil Within 2 on PC is go here (opens in new tab), copy the pre-loaded code, and sign into your GOG account to add it to your library. Once you get that done, you'll be able to install it and play it forever, provided your nerves can handle it. As we noted in our review back in 2017, this is a survival horror gem that doesn't skimp on the horror.

"When the presentation shines, though, it really gets under your skin in all the right ways," we wrote. "There will be times when you're absolutely dreading the notion of having to take a single step further down a dark hallway." 

Unfortunately, our review also notes that these moments of sheer terror don't always culminate in a satisfying conclusion. "Usually, an atmosphere of crushing suspense or fleeting moments of pure creepiness are far more effective and exhilarating than the payoff, which is too often a telegraphed jumpscare - but that could be said about plenty of horror entertainment."

Ultimately, The Evil Within 2 didn't quite make the cut for our list of the best horror games ever, but hey, you can't beat free.

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