Portal-style puzzler The Entropy Centre gets new level editor update next week

Time-bending puzzler The Entropy Centre has revealed a community-focused new update at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase Powered by Turtle Beach.

The Entropy Centre: Level Editor Update, as the name suggests, will introduce a new editing suite allowing players on PC the chance to design and build their own levels before sharing them with the rest of the community. The update, which will drop on March 30, will let be available on PC whether you're playing via Steam, GOG, or the Epic Games Store.

Better yet, you can enter a competition to be credited in-game as the 'world's best puzzle creator' by joining The Entropy Centre Discord chat.

PlayStation and Xbox players will also be getting an update, but it'll be a little different. The alternatively-named Community Level Update will give console fans access to all of the community content crafted on PC, but building won't be available on console.

Released in November 2022, The Entropy Centre tasks you with using a special (and adorable) weapon to move objects backwards and forwards in time in an attempt to save the world from an extinction-level event. There's an obvious Portal vibe to proceedings, from the unique gun to the sanitised, scientific proceedings, and this new update is also reminiscent of the dedicated modding scene that Valve's games have benefitted from over the years. All that said, your AI companion Astra is a little nicer to be around than Glados.

Boasting 'very positive' reviews on Steam (where you can download a demo to try the game out for free), The Entropy Centre is also available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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