The Brothers review

A frank, vibrant and occasionally even hilarious sex comedy, The Brothers follows the differing fortunes of four successful late-twentysomething African-American men who live in LA. Dripping with sexually explicit banter, provocative bedroom scenes and plenty of masculine soul-searching and bonding, this energised tale of sex and commitment delivers a full-on battle-of-the-sexes as it careers between the basketball court, the family unit and several lads-on-the-pull locations.

But despite some killer one-liners and some enjoyably shameless scenery-chewing from a great cast (including The Best Man's Morris Chestnut), The Brothers is never quite as insightful as it could be. In fact, by the end it is reduced to predictable Hollywood schmaltz, its edge considerably blunted.

Still, forgive the set-in-stone rules of the genre and this remains a vivacious and amusing romp.

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