The Aryan Couple review

Producer John Daly has an impressive track record: The Terminator, Platoon, The Last Emperor. As a director, though, judging by this and his previous effort, The Petersburg-Cannes Express, he’d do well to stick to the day job.

Hungary, 1944. Joseph Krauzenberg, a rich Jewish industrialist, has done a deal with Heinrich Himmler: in return for his estate, he and his extended family get passage to Switzerland. But what becomes of his faithful house servants, the young Aryan couple of the title? Who, as it turns out, are really Jews working undercover for the Resistance...

Yes, it’s the Horrible Holocaust show again. Jews weep, Nazis strut, the dialogue thuds, the pace sags. As a treatment of history, this is trivial. As a thriller, it’s devoid of tension. Martin Landau, as Krauzenberg, escapes with what dignity he can.

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