The Aristocrats review

"A man walks into a talent agent's office..." So begins the creakiest old joke in history. Told bluntly, it'll leave the hearer baffled. Told by a top comic though... well, that's a different story. Paul Provenza and buddy Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller) filmed almost a hundred of their comedian buddies talking about and retelling the joke. In their hands, it's an offensive, nerve-twangingly shocking gutbuster, a fountain of shit, piss, incest, buggery, bestiality, death and destruction, a shaggy dog story where dogs really do get shagged.

There are mime versions, card trick versions, versions told by the famous - including Billy Connolly, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg - and by the unknown. This one joke is mined for more stomach-clutching laughter than a decade of clean-cut Disney flicks. The most brutally, appallingly, horrifyingly funny movie for years. Sheer genius.

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