The 6 Best Trailers From Hell

As film geeks, we feel it's our responsibility to point you in the general direction of the Trailers From Hell website.

It's packed with fanboy friendly directors, chatting over the top of a bunch of trailers for their favourite films.

Quentin Tarantino hasn't appeared on it yet, but given the format and the fact that loads of his mates appear on the site, it’s only a matter of time before he turns up.

While you wait for him to turn up, check our six of our favourite Trailers From Hell. They're all ace and informative.

Edgar Wright - Suspiria

Our very own Edgar Wright talks over the surreal International Suspiria trailer, telling us how it influenced Shaun Of The Dead, and what a rubbish time he had the last time he watched it...

Rod Lurie – Taxi Driver

Nothing But The Truth director Rod Lurie gives us nothing but facts about Taxi Driver during his yack-track - no matter how much you know about this flick, you'll find out something new during this three-minute ad.[page-break]

Eli Roth - Creepshow

Eli Roth shares his obsession with Creepshow, claiming it's as good as a comic-book adaptation as Sin City.

Rick Baker - I Was A Teenage Werewolf

The much missed effects maestro Rick Baker discusses I Was A Teenage Werewolf, highlighting the humour, the cool make-up work and the fact fans should listen the the Cramps while they watch it.[page-break]

Stuart Gordon - Nightmare Alley

Re-Animator director Stuart Gordon on the film that taught him what the word 'geek' really means, one of the darkest studio pictures ever made, Nightmare Alley.

Sam Hamm - 13 Ghosts


Batman scripter Sam Hamm discusses the deep personal humiliation he experienced watching the Avatar of its day, 13 Ghosts.

To see some trailers that aren't from Hell, head for our brand-new trailers page . It's updated every three hours with all the latest film and DVD ads. It's brilliant.

[Source: Trailers From Hell]

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