Thandie tied up with Norbit

What would you do if you missed out on being a Bond girl? Develop a drink habit? Quit acting? Sign up for an Eddie Murphy comedy? Of all the things she could’ve done…

Brit starlet Thandie Newton has scribbled on the dotted line to appear in Norbit alongside Eddie Murphy and Cuba Gooding Jr.

The flick sees Murphy in the title role as a fella who is railroaded into marrying a nasty piece of work (also played by Murphy, bundled in prosthetics) only to fall for the woman of his dreams, played by Newton. Gooding will play the role of Thandie’s fella.

Newton has been keeping herself busy since her lauded performance in Paul Haggis’ Oscar scooper Crash - after popping up as a guest star on ER, TN moved on to shooting Gabriele Muccino drama Pursuit Of Happiness with Will Smith.