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TGS 09: Dead Rising 2 - multiplayer modes

The only thing better than zombies is lots of zombies - and the only thing better than that, is killing lots of zombies. That’s why we’re happy to bring you the latest news from this year’s Tokyo Game Show on how Dead Rising 2’s single and multiplayer modes are shaping up.

Meet Chuck. He’s a motocross racer who finds himself competing in a zombie filled, Running Man-esque sports arena event called Terror is Reality. Our singleplayer demo started off in Fortune City, Dead Rising 2’s stand in for Las Vegas. Our first task: kill 300 zombies in less than three minutes. A wide array of unlikely weapons were scattered throughout the casino floor, including pipes, chairs, cans of gasoline, and an electric guitar. The highlight, however, was the paddle saw. Imagine two chainsaws strapped to a pole arm like a kayaking oar.

Above: The most badass weapon ever

Armed with our oar of death, Chuck could easily wade through thick waves of zombies, paddling the undead to death with buzzing fins. It was great - at least until our paddle saw ran out of gas. Having easily mowed through our 300 zombie kill goal, a bonus round was unlocked with a special reward, a deadly wheelchair tricked out with a mounted machinegun.

Above: Respect the wheelchair or die

With hundreds of zombies on the screen at once, we were surprised that Dead Rising 2 never seemed to slow down or drop frames. But the number of onscreen enemies is even more impressive once the limbs start flying. Dead Rising 2 is one of the bloodiest games we’ve ever seen. Each moment is full of satisfying squishes and squirts as appendages break free from torn torsos.

Above: If you can pick it up, you can kill zombies with it