Tetris wishes Pac-Man a "Happy Birthday." Can games do that?

If you've beenusing googleat all today, you're probably aware that Pac-Man is now 30 years old. So for the rest of the day, everyone's suddenly going to be a born-again Pac-Man fanatic. Including, it would seem, the makers of Tetris, who jumped on the bandwagon by wishing Pac-Man (and Namco) a happy birthday.

Above: How would YOU visualize "Tetris says happy birthday to Pac-Man?"

Naturally Henk Rogers, "the man behind Tetris," managed to get in a plug for his own content inside his b-day message:

That's god damn adorable. The idea of two games telling each other happy birthday just melts my heart, somehow validating all our of shared gaming experiences. If they're important enough to last three decades, surely all these days and yearsof playing games is time well spent.

I suppose next up would be Pac-Man wishing Mario a happy 30th birthday. Make it happen, Namco.

May 21, 2010

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