Wholesome adventure Tchia releases on Steam today, with a surprise Nintendo Switch drop in the Summer

Tchia made waves when it originally launched in March 2023, thanks to its wholesome blend of ship sailing, sandbox exploration, and endearing adventure in a world based on the developer's homeland of New Caledonia. As announced at the Future Games Show, to celebrate the one year anniversary of Tchia's initial release it's available right now on Steam, along with a surprise reveal that it will also be coming to Nintendo Switch in the Summer.

If you missed it the first time around, this adventure sees the titular Tchia learning that she has the ability to soul jump to possess certain creatures and objects, then going on a voyage of discovery while trying to rescue her kidnapped father. To travel round the island setting you can sail the coast on your boat, or climb and glide inland to explore new areas.

New features added for this release, which existing players on Epic Games Store and PlayStation can also access via a free major game update, include eight new Soul Melodies you can play on your ukulele to change elements of the game, such as altering the time of day and spawning useful items such as food or your boat. A fresh Human Torch ability allows you to shoot fireballs and explode objects, meaning you can use the significant mechanic of burning things without having to rely on finding lanterns to use.

Acrobat Mode, on the other hand, lets you spin and flip while jumping higher through the air than ever before, and special perks such as attracting animals means you can gather a menagerie to follow you around. Outfits too have received an overhaul, with each piece of equipment now granting additional boosts and benefits, so your costume is more than just an aesthetic choice.

If you want to join over one million players who have already visited the tropical world of Tchia then you can buy it now on Steam, with a Nintendo Switch version releasing in Summer 2024.

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Iain Wilson
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