TalkRadar UK: Someone will be killed on this week's show*

As well as the usual mix ofhumour, games industry insight and general mayhem, TalkRadar UK willbear witness tothemost shocking thing to hit the airwaves since Jedward massacred Queen's Under Pressure. Is Hoots set toprolong another epic rant for the last time?Could Meiks bebowing out in the sameway as Old Yeller? WillCundy finally be mugged off for real? MaybeNathan willonly be hostingdiscussions with theJob Centre staff from now on?Or could Justin finally be throwing the Towell in? Tune into TalkRadar UK episode 77 on Wednesday 16th February 2011 tofind out how five will become four.

Unfamiliar with TalkRadar UK? Have a listen tothisto get the gist of things.

February 14th 2011