TalkRadar UK #12: Busking Hero

This week's team...

- George explaining how theUS officedon't 'get' his sense of humour
- Dave H talks canapes and a lack of booze at a recent event
- The team step on Total Film's toes by waffling about movie plots
- Everyday activities turned into games in Question Time
- Your confessions in, erm, the 'Confessions Section'. Yes

Above: The GR uniform (not mentioned in the 'cast. D'oh)- jeans, grey trainers and black cardigans. Idiots

Above: What the marine from Sega's Alien vs Predator might look like if made by Cundy's mum and Dave H

Above: Would you buy a game like this? No? Us neither


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Post date: Wednesday 4th November 2009
Running time: 54 minutes and 6 seconds
Music by:Sabrepulse
Sponsored beverage: Lager (next week: cider)